martes, 30 de septiembre de 2008

About Fantasy Football and Movement

Always been fan of Bloodbowl, great game, lots of fun! I wish i had more time to play, but thanks a i can keep an eye on it everytime i´m asked to sculpt a miniature to be used in bloodbowl. This game allows creating very dinamic poses, something i find really interesting, when it comes the time to sculpt something that looks natural, fluid but powerfull at the same time.

This ratman, is my latest for the miniature range called Orc From Bilbao, this time they asked me to do a four leged running pose, so i found the perfect excuse for a new attemp of dinamism.

I didnt wanted a straight running pose,i prefered a dodge action while running, which seemed much more interesting to work.

Ratmen are known for being very agile, so the pose should say that dodging is made without effort.

This other mini was sculpted by one of my "padawans" of some sculpting classes i gave time ago. The miniature is the first complete green he did and also the first he casted, because it was part of a BB local championship prizes.

Though it has some sculpting mistakes, he tried his first with a very difficult pose which came along pretty nice, cant wait to see what will be the next challenge for this young Skywalker...

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Mason Studios dijo...

This is great work Edgar. What are you sculpting with? Is it Sculpy Firm or something else?


Edgar Ramos, Sculptor dijo...

Hey Tom, thanks for your comment, sorry for the delay i´m still getting use to use the blog and i forgot updating comments :S

yeah, now i´m using sculpy firm, since i´m waiting an order of procreate. I´m used to work with sculpey, procreate, green stuff, and magic sculp mostly.