domingo, 30 de noviembre de 2008

Serious Joe - The zombie hunter

December release is another addition for the HOST Range, Serious Joe.

With Joe, I was looking something quite popular in zombie, action or apocaliptic films, that kind of characterfull guy who is rude and likes to live lonely somewhere lost in any mountain, or driving a caravan around the country, but deep inside of him is a decent guy just tired of everything.

Hope you like it.

Painted version courtesy of Luis Gomez Pradal (see Luis cmon gallery)

Sculpt made in super sculpey and green stuff.



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Het dijo...

i have placed picture of this fig on my blog about lotow/loths and our own game Zombstone.
Hope this will please you. ;)
If any pb about text or image, let me know, i will change.

here is the blog :

Sean Osman dijo...

I love Serious Joe. He is my character for a post apocalyptic adventure that goes by the name of, "Murphy."

I love ALL your miniatures actually, and I can't wait to see you do some more!

Sean Osman dijo...

I love this mini! I use it to play my post apocalyptic character, Murphy.

I love all your minis! Can't wait to see more! So much detail, it's sick.

Sean Osman dijo...

I love Serious Joe! He is my zombie hunter for a post-apocalyptic game I am playing in.

Such detail! I love all your minis.